“Dalian Living” is a digital survey about living in the city of Dalian, China.

If you are living in Dalian (or planning too) we hope this will be a useful resource to you.

About Dalian


Dalian, in China’s North East, is the second largest city in the Liaoning Province with a population over 6 million. It is a coastal city on the Liaodong Peninsula being the largest port in northern China. With is many beaches and favorable weather, Dalian is a popular tourist city for many Chinese tourist.

The city was originally ruled by Russians, then the Japanese, and finally by China. The city was open to foreign investment in 1984. The city still has many influences from these earlier occupying countries (ex. buildings, transportation systems).

Dalian is known for its many parks & squares, its rock beaches and rolling green mountains.

There are also several universities in Dalian with a large number of college students in the area.

Dalian is a growing city with much construction going on around the city.

The main language here is Mandarin Chinese.

Dalian has a small Christian community and with the large and growing population, there are many who have never heard about the good news of Jesus. There is still much work to be done in this city.

We love Dalian and hope you will too!


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