Family In Dalian

When you think about moving to China with your family, you probably will have some questions relating to what life will be like for your family. This post is written to help answer some of those questions.

How safe is it in Dalian, Will my children be safe?

Living in China has the advantage that the country as a whole is a relatively safe place to live. There is usually no reason to worry about violent crime. Guns, gangs, and drugs are banned, and most people feel very safe about going out on the streets even late at night. Dalian is no exception and is a safe place to live.

China is a relatively safe place for your children to live. You should of course exercise caution and make sure your children are close to you when you are out in public places. There have been some reports on the news of children being stolen in China. However, this is something that is more of a fear for Chinese parents and is not something you have to really worry about if you exercise normal caution while out in public. There is more danger to be found with just living in a big city. Buses, cars, tall buildings, escalators, and lack of guardrails pose more of a threat to your children’s safety than anything else. You must be careful when you are out with your children to avoid accidents with these kinds of things. These are some of the dangers your children will face, but I would say on the whole that if you exercise normal caution there is little chance of something really bad happening. Dalian has a safe environment for your children to grow up in.

Can we have a pet for our children? Can we have a dog with us?

You can have a pet for your children! Many Chinese people have different kinds of pets and do not have any problem owning a pet. You must, of course, check with the Landlord of the place you rent to make sure that it is ok for you to own a pet in your specific rental situation.

It can be very inconvenient to have a pet in Dalian. You will be living inside the city, and most people will live in a multi-home apartment complex. This means that they do not have an individual yard that their pet can live in. If they have a pet, the pet will have to stay with them inside their small apartment. This is something you must consider when deciding whether to get a pet for your children in Dalian.

You can bring a dog or other pet with you from the United States. However, this is a complicated process that involves making sure you have the right vaccination certificate, health certificate, and meet other requirements. Also, your pet may be subject to a mandatory quarantine time of up to 30 days. You can find out more about the requirements to bring pets into China at

Who will my children play with?

Your children will be able to play with other Chinese boys and girls that are their age. It will be good for them to make friends with local kids, and Chinese parents are always very excited about their kids getting to play with a foreigner`s kids.   Playing with other Chinese children their age will also give your kids much help in learning Chinese.

What activities will my children be able to take part in?

Weekly Activities: Your kids can take part in local activities that are available for kids in Dalian. They can take part in dance classes, rollerblading, swimming, badminton, ping-pong and other activities and classes for kids.

Fun Day Trip Activities: In addition to regular weekly activities, you will also be able to take your kids to enjoy some cool places in Dalian. Some great places to take your kids to visit in Dalian would be: The Dalian Forest Zoo, Xinghai Square Amusement Park, Tiger Beach Ocean Park, or visit one of Dalian`s beaches to swim in the ocean.





Where will my small children be while I am in language school?

You can hire a maid to watch your kids at your house while you and your wife attend language school. The easiest and most convenient option is to use a maid company. You will pay them a fee, and they will guarantee to get you a maid and allow you to try different maids until you can find the one that you like and want to use.

What school will my children go to in Dalian?

Your children can attend school in Dalian. Probably your best option will be to find a good private school for them to attend. They may be able to attend a Chinese public school, but the teaching quality will be lower and many Chinese public schools will not want foreigners to attend. Either way, public or private school you must pay for their schooling though the private school will probably be much more expensive.

The advantages of your children attending a local Chinese school is that they will get to learn the Chinese characters from a young age. This will allow them to grow up not only speaking, but also being able to read and to write in Chinese. If they do not learn the characters from a young age, it will be harder for them to go back and learn them later in life.