Housing In Dalian

When moving to Dalian, one of the first things that you will need to do is to find a place to live. This post gives you some information about what housing is like in Dalian, how to rent, and other information in regards to getting housing in Dalian.

What kind of house can I expect to live in?

In Dalian, you can expect to live in a high-rise apartment complex. Your building will probably be between 5 and 30 stories tall. You will probably have a parking garage in the basement and maybe a shared yard that everyone in the complex uses. This is the most common type of housing in Dalian. The size of your house will depend on the amount of money you are willing to spend, but it will be hard to find a house that is bigger than three bedrooms and two baths. If you want something bigger than this, you will probably have to rent adjoining apartments and connect them.

What will it cost me to set up my house in Dalian?

The cost of setting up your house will depend on how much remodeling work will need to be done and how nice of furniture and appliances you buy. It will be totally different from house to house and person to person. However, I looked online at the local Ikea store and also went to a local appliance store and gathered some prices of what I think each of the major appliances and furniture that you need will cost. These prices are estimates only, and I tried to base them off of items that are of average price. I did not try to get the cheapest price or the most expensive price. These prices are a non-precise estimate, but I hope they give you a better idea of what it will take to completely set up a new house in Dalian with all new furniture and appliances.

Bed  $550, Mattress $150, Chest of drawers $200, Wardrobe $600, 2 Bedside Tables $200, Dining Table Set $800, Sofa Set $800, Coffee Table $50, Cabinet and Media Storage $400, Water Heater $700, Stove Top and Hood $1100, Oven $1300, Microwave $200, Washer Drier Combo $1600, Fridge $600, Kitchen Cabinets $500, Kitchen Sink & Faucet $250, Bathroom Storage $100, 2nd Bedroom Single Bed $250, 2nd Bedroom Mattress $150, 2nd Bedroom Chest of Drawers $200, 2nd Bedroom Bedside Tables $200

All of these items together total: $10,900. This only includes major furniture and appliances. It does not include all of the little household items that you need.

What will it cost to live in a house instead of an apartment?

There is not really much of an opportunity if you live inside the city area of Dalian to live in a house. There are single family houses in the city, but all the ones that I have seen are reserved for government officials and leaders. They are the only ones allowed to live in these houses. There may be houses available in the city, I just haven`t found any. Once you get outside of the city and into the area that the city hasn`t completely expanded out to you will find some detached single family houses available. So, living in a house versus an apartment is more a question of is there a house available in the area of town you want to live in rather than how much more does it cost. Over 95% of the people in Dalian if not more will live in some style of apartment building.


Apartment Buildings In Dalian

What kind of electric current will my house have?

Your house will use 220-volt voltage. Many of your computers and phone chargers are compatible with both 220 and 110 voltages. However, many other electronics are not. If you plan to use 110-volt electronics, you will need to use a power converter. Below is a picture of the standard plugs that you will find in houses in Dalian. These plugs have two different styles of sockets. If your electronic`s plug is different from either of these two styles, then you will need to use a plug adapter.


How do I rent a place to live, What is the process of renting?

The first step to renting a house is to find the house that you want to rent. To do this, you can either look online or go to a local real estate office and look through the houses they have available. A website that shows houses for rent in Dalian is: 58.com. Here is a link for the local version of the website: 58.com 

Once you find the house that you want to buy, the next step is to agree to the terms, sign the contract, and pay the Landlord.

Finally, after getting all of the rental agreements worked out, you and your landlord need to make sure that you register that you are renting the house with the local government. They will provide you with a document that you will need for other kinds of paperwork and registration that you will do in the city.

What kind of contract do I have to sign?

Most rental contracts are for one year. Usually, always the total amount of the rent has to be paid up front. You can`t just pay it by the month. Also, the person renting is usually responsible for paying their own electric, water, cable, and internet bills.

What is the cost of a hotel to stay at until finding a house?

Usually, you can get a decent hotel for an average of between US$30-40 per night. Weekends and summertime always have somewhat higher prices. You can rent a room at a regular hotel, or you can find a room that is available for short-term rental in an apartment complex. This kind of room has the advantage that it often comes with a mini kitchen and washing machine.